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Wallerstein Law: Free Telephonic Consultation Regarding Coronavirus and Divorce

Title: Coronavirus and Divorce 

Offer:  Free Telephonic Consultation from Wallerstein Law

Most custody and parenting agreements don't address how to handle custody and parenting during a pandemic. Going forward, they probably will. But right now, family lawyers at Wallerstein Law are fielding urgent questions about parenting time and custody arrangements with the onset of the coronavirus. And as our economy worsens, we can anticipate more inquiries from clients regarding changes in their financial circumstances and their ability to pay child support and alimony. 

Wallerstein Law is offering free telephonic consultations to address fluid parenting situations and shifts in economic factors during this unique and challenging time.

Questions you may have include:

  • Can you refuse to put your child on a plane to see your ex in another state?

  • Can you refuse to drive a child to another state or area in California that's considered a coronavirus hot spot?

  • Can you refuse parenting time if your ex exhibits mild symptoms (cough, running nose) but does not have a fever?

  • Should you refuse parenting time if you yourself are exhibiting symptoms?

  • What legal action should clients take if they truly believe their child would be in danger if they traveled to see the non-custodial parent?

  • What arrangements should parents be making before they become ill or need to quarantine?

  • What arrangements should parents be making if travel restrictions are mandated by the State or Federal government?

  • Should children be visiting their grandparents? Can a parent refuse to bring a child to a grandparent?

  • How will "distance learning" impact parenting time decisions?

  • When a payor is unemployed: When can they file a change of circumstance petition?

  • The impact of an unstable market on financial settlement negotiations

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact the lawyers at Wallerstein Law at (310) 438-5857 or online at

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