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Venice Paparazzi Zoom Backdrops

Style out your ZOOM with some super cool, custom Venice, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica backdrops by Venice Paparazzi

Have you made the COVID-19 pivot and find yourself using Zoom a lot? 

Well, how about this?  Style out your ZOOM with some super cool, custom backdrops, courtesy of Venice Paparazzi!  That’s right!  Have the sharpest ZOOM in the chat with your own selection of awesome iconic photographs to choose from.  It is super easy, fun, and affordable.  And they are great for privacy when you don’t want the whole conference to see inside your place!

Just cruise through our custom ZOOM backdrop gallery below, select which backdrops you want, drop us a Venmo or Paypal, and we will send you the photo(s).  All you have to do is a one-click upload to your Zoom account under “add backdrops.”  It is super rad, and by doing so, you are supporting the Venice Paparazzi Team.   Go team!

Check out our iconic backdrops!

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phone: (310) 745-1064
Offer Valid: April 21, 2020June 30, 2020
Venice Chamber of Commerce