Housing Element Update: Save the Date Adaptive Reuse Webinars this Month

Dear Stakeholder,
Last month, LA City Planning introduced the newest Housing Element Rezoning Program work effort, the Citywide Housing Incentive Program, with three public webinars. The webinars introduced the Citywide Housing Incentive Program’s six core strategies including expanding the Adaptive Reuse program, updating the Affordable Housing Incentive Programs, incentivizing housing on Opportunity Corridors, creating affordable housing opportunities through the Affordable Housing Overlay, facilitating Missing Middle housing, and enhancing process streamlining. To learn more about these strategies and provide your feedback visit the Concept Explorer and Survey and the Housing Element Rezoning Program website.
We are excited to announce the release of the initial draft of the expanded Adaptive Reuse program strategy. The expanded program will update the City’s existing Adaptive Reuse Ordinance to build upon the success of the City’s 1999 program, which led to the creation of more than 12,000 housing units in Downtown LA and sparked economic regeneration, all while preserving and reinvigorating the City’s architectural legacy.  
Los Angeles is now facing a different set of challenges, including a housing shortage and post-pandemic economic recovery, which has led Los Angeles City Planning to propose a reimagining of the City’s adaptive reuse policies. The ordinance incentivizes the conversion of existing commercial buildings to housing, providing a faster review process for buildings over 15 years old, allowing for flexible unit sizes, and providing relief from certain development standards that apply to newly constructed buildings. This ordinance aims to reduce vacant space, extend the life of buildings, lower carbon emissions, and revitalize historic structures. 
To learn more about the strategy we hope you will attend one of three upcoming interactive webinars, which will include program background, information on the proposed revisions to the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance and opportunities to provide feedback. Please click the date and time below to register. Note that the content of all three webinars is the same. 
Click here to view the draft Adaptive Reuse Ordinance, and here to view the Citywide Adaptive Reuse Fact Sheet. To learn more about the Citywide Adaptive Reuse Ordinance and the Citywide Housing Incentive program, sign up for updates here or email housingelement@lacity.org to provide feedback.  
About the Citywide Housing Incentive Program
Following the 2022 certification of the 2021-2029 Housing Element, City Planning staff has been working to develop and implement the ambitious programs identified in the Plan to House LA. The Plan identified that there is a significant housing need in Los Angeles, reflected by high rents, overcrowded conditions, and increasing housing instability. The Citywide Housing Incentive Program aims to address Los Angeles' significant housing needs, for the City to provide greater housing access and meet its state housing obligations. The Citywide Housing Incentive Program will be implemented through one or more zoning code amendments developed simultaneously over a two year period (2023-2025). To learn more about the program click here.
Upon request, Los Angeles City Planning can facilitate having sign language interpreters and translation between English and other languages available to the public. All requests must be made at least three working days or 72 hours in advance of the event or meeting date. To request accommodations or translation services, or for other questions, please email housingelement@lacity.org.