Jeni's launches the Punk Stargonaut Collection in time for the total solar eclipse

Jeni's Inside Scoop: Punk Stargonaut, Our Newest Collection!

On Monday 4/8, a new supermoon will pass in front of the sun, creating a total solar eclipse. Jeni's is celebrating this phenomenon with a collection of cosmic flavors you've simply got to experience yourself. Available now for a limited time, the Punk Stargonaut collection features three new ice creams, one highly requested returning flavor, and a crackling new topping.  

Starting Friday 4/5, you can receive a free pair of eclipse glasses at Jeni's with any purchase of scoops or pints (while supplies last). And only on eclipse day (4/8), you can add their fizzy Space Dust topping to any order of scooped ice cream for free!