Kuehl Happenings: Now Vaccinating + Access MAT-ters on Venice Beach

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April 17, 2021
Out of a great abundance of caution, and in response to the suggestion from the CDC,  LA County is pausing use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine due to reports in other parts of the country of a handful of cases of blood clots, about one in every million persons who got the J and J vaccine. 

This is no reason to distrust vaccines. Just the opposite. What this situation speaks to is how seriously the government takes any possible side effects and how swiftly we will act to investigate and ensure public safety. 

It's crucial to put the numbers in perspective. What prompted this pause is six cases of blood clots, out of an estimated 7 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines distributed. Compare that to COVID-19's very real mortality rate of around 1.8%, and its overall greater risk of worse outcomes. Regardless, we will continue to pause the vaccine's use until we learn more about this situation and confirm its safety. 

Still have questions? LA County Department of Public Health hosted a Vaccine Safety Town Hall this week, specifically addressing this issue. You can view it here

Luckily, there are more options! I highly encourage everyone 16 and older to sign up at MyTurn.ca.gov to receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine as soon as possible. We can't let this reduce our vaccination rates and risk a return to the unfettered spread of this truly dangerous, deadly virus. 

One of the major draws for those of us who live in or visit LA is, of course, to be close to the fabulous Pacific Ocean and our gorgeous, sandy beaches. But, for people with disabilities, all that sand can be nothing but a barrier to enjoying a beach day with their family, so LA County is once again acting to make sure our beaches are ever more accessible and inclusive. 

This week, the Department of Beaches and Harbors installed a new mat on Venice beach, the eighth of its kind on LA County beaches and the longest. While designed with wheelchair users in mind, anyone can use the mat to walk on the beach more easily. And these mats are an accompaniment, not a replacement, for our specially designed beach wheelchairs. You can find an interactive map of both at beaches.lacounty.gov/access.

ReadNew 350ft access matt installed on Venice beach

Remember to be safe out there!  We’re still wearing masks and keeping our distance!

Zachary Gaidzik, Field Deputy
ZGaidzik@bos.lacounty.gov, (213) 974-3333