Kuehl Happenings: Homeless Connect + Wildfire Preparedness + Housing is Key

Team Kuehl was very happy to get back to co-hosting the Malibu and Westwood Homeless Connect Days last week. Services at Connect Days vary from event to event but generally include core resources tailored to the population, including mental health, legal, documentation, health and wellness, housing, and personal hygiene/care services generously provided by community-based organizations, local businesses, government agencies, and a compassionate group of community advocates and volunteers.
At the Malibu Homeless Connect Day, we were able to assist 50 people experiencing homelessness (and many companion dogs as well, thanks to the presence of the Department of Animal Care and Control!) The Westwood Homeless Connect day provided services for more than 100 people.
Homeless Connect Days are a convenient one-stop shop where people experiencing homelessness can connect to a host of resources that can help forge a pathway home. I’m truly grateful that we were able to safely resume these important events and so thankful for all who turned up to support these efforts!
While LA County looks to the future of climate-related challenges, we are still keyed into, and prepared for, the imminent threat of wildfires in our mountain communities. One of our top priorities is making it easy for your family to have a plan to stay safe in the event of an emergency. This week, we’ve seen high winds and dry conditions, a prescient reminder to stay prepared. Here are a few easy steps you can take to do just that: 
📝Have a plan
🧰 Keep Supplies
🔔 Stay informed
🏘️ Get involved
If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry LA County has your back. For all your emergency preparedness needs, visit Ready.LACounty.gov!  
Several eviction protections have expired, but help is still available for renters AND landlords financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that can help keep LA County residents protected and in their homes. 
If you are a renter at risk of eviction, the State of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program can help you pay back rent and utilities, but only if you apply as soon as possible. If you already have applied and want to check the status of your application, call the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Call Center at 833-430-2122. 
Visit the Housing is Key website for more information on available help and to apply today!
Climate change can feel like a daunting, overwhelming challenge. But you have a role to play, and you can make a difference in your neighborhood by becoming a Cool Block Leader! 
Watch: What is a Cool Block? 
A Cool Block Leader is someone who lives in the city of Los Angeles and who commits to building a stronger community with your neighbors, helping your neighborhood be safer and healthier, prepare for disasters, save money and lighten their environmental impact. Every Cool Block Leader will be trained and have ongoing coaching and support, which will help them engage their community and develop critical leadership skills. 
Learn more about becoming a Cool Block Leader and how to help LA win the Cool City Challenge here!



Get Your Digital Vaccination Record 

Vaccination is your new VIP pass to concerts, clubs, bars and more, but carrying around a 4 X 3 inch card everywhere can feel surprisingly… clunky. Should I fold it? Am I going to lose it? 

Consider these minor inconveniences settled- now you can have vaccine verification in the palm of your hand, just go digital! 

Read: Get Your Digital Vaccine Record!

Keep an eye out for scams, if they ask for your social, bank, or any other questionable info, it’s not legitimate. Get your digital vaccine record today through one of these three options: HealthvanaCarbonHealth, or the State of CA portal


County Extends Limited COVID Rent Protections

Unfortunately, the State no longer allows the County to extend protections for non-payment of rent to local residential tenants. However, our Board is putting what remaining authority we have to good use, passing a motion I co-authored with Supervisor Hilda Solis extending  non-payment of rent protections to commercial tenants, and extending limited protections to residential tenants as permitted by law.

Read: County Extends Limited COVID Rent Protections

With the County’s options limited by state law at this time, it is even more important for renters to take advantage of all available resources set in place to keep them housed. Stay Housed LA is a partnership between the County of Los Angeles and local community and legal services providers to provide tenants with information and resources to stay in their homes. At www.stayhousedla.org, you can access tools like virtual tenant workshops, simple explanations of housing legislation, and direct email updates to stay on top of this unique, evolving, and challenging housing climate.

I also encourage all residents who fell behind on their rent during the pandemic to act quickly and apply for the state’s Housing Is Key rent relief program in order to secure protection from eviction while the state processes the applications.