LA Alliance for Human Rights: We haven't won yet...but we are winning!

image2.jpegWe haven’t won yet…but we are winning!  As the LA times just reported, the City’s massive shift in policy focuses on increasing interim shelter beds by the thousands (mostly through our lawsuit), increasing outreach, and starting to clear encampments humanely and compassionately. 

Sound familiar? That’s because it’s all based on the LA Alliance plan (Shelter, Services, Safe Streets).  Make no mistake—this would never have happened without our pressure.  We have successfully shifted the narrative thanks to YOU and your support!

To be clear, the City’s new efforts are a step in the right direction, although haphazard, confusing, and piecemeal.

These actions are why we are continuing to pressure the City and County.  This week we filed our Amended and Supplemental Complaint after Judge Carter swiftly granted our motion to do so. You can read the Amended and Supplemental Complaint here.

The Amended Complaint addresses some of the procedural issues identified by the Ninth Circuit (like adding an equal protection claim based on race, which was not in our original complaint).  It also updates factual allegations.  These changes conform the complaint to support the claims that housing failures and racism have caused and exacerbated the homelessness crisis, and that the lack of action by the City and County include a discriminatory component. 

These arguments further strengthen our case and are focused on securing another injunction against the City and County to provide shelter and treatment to the unhoused, and to start regulating public spaces such as sidewalks and parks. 

As we can see by the Times article, the LA Alliance lawsuit is making progress and gaining support every day.  Our actions will break through the legal and bureaucratic logjam that has failed those on the streets and our neighborhoods.  In addition, our parallel effort to build grass roots and coalition support (which is just starting!) will put the electeds in a corner, especially with the upcoming elections. 

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