LA Sanitation & Environment - Update 7/20/20 - Vote for LASAN in the LA2050 Grant Challenge

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July 20, 2020
Supporting us means supporting LA's Green New Deal

LA Sanitation & Environment is a finalist in the LA2050 CREATE category with an opportunity to win $100,000 for our project, which focuses on the circular economy concept... specifically the recycling and reuse of textiles.
Our goals:
waste reduction | material reuse | quality control

Will you please take a moment to view our project and VOTE for us?

Here's our inspiration for the project:
Under Mayor Eric Garcetti, the City of LA created L.A.’s Green New Deal sustainability pLAn. The pLAn has ambitious goals of reaching zero waste by 2050. This can only be achieved by moving towards a circular economy through the implementation of different tools. As a municipality and sustainable business assistance team working directly with LA’s manufacturers and businesses, LA Industry is uniquely qualified to foster connections and build infrastructure to support this project. The design and implementation of a centralized HUB and online access portal to manage exchanges and quality control of the inventory will be one of the pollution prevention and sustainability strategies used to help businesses and industries reduce costs and environmental footprints. Our clients voiced concerns about a lack of local opportunities to reuse, repurpose, or recycle material streams along with L.A.’s Green New Deal’s prestigious zero waste goals provided a perfect opportunity for this project.

And some information about the actual project:
LASAN's LA Industry program aims to create a centralized HUB where material byproducts from businesses can be repurposed instead of going to landfills. This HUB will create a local closed-loop market that promotes a circular economy by providing stable and consistent material streams for reuse. Two key success factors that will be addressed are the management of an online material exchange platform and quality control/assurance.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of LASAN's mission to protect public health and the environment! 


The dedication and care that our team has shown since this pandemic started is truly admirable. On behalf of LA Sanitation & Environment Director and General Manager, Enrique C. Zaldivar, we'd like to share this video we created to thank our team for their tireless efforts.

LASAN Appreciation Video

During these unprecedented times, we are inspired by the resiliency of Angelenos, and that resiliency makes us confident that we’ll get through this together, with the great leadership of Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez.  We’ve had to make some difficult decisions, but every decision is made with the health and safety of our residents, businesses, and employees in mind.
Vital Services
It’s important for you to understand that we at LASAN remain committed to our mission to protect public health and the environment. Our vital services will continue. We’re collecting trash, recycling, green waste, bulky items, and electronic waste; we’re operating all four water reclamation plants and 49 pumping plants 24/7; we’re continuing illegal dumping clean-ups while distributing sanitizer and hand washing stations across the City; we’re deploying our mobile hygiene units to serve our unsheltered neighbors; we're processing green waste; we're distributing free mulch and compost to ten self-serve locations for residents; we’re maintaining stormdrains and the sewer system; we're helping to move trailers to shelter residents; we’re repairing infrastructure; we’re answering phones and dispatching crews 24/7 in our Customer Care Center.

Our LASAN Family
Many of our staff are now safely telecommuting from home.  Those who are still reporting to a work location have been provided PPE appropriate for their situation and are maintaining safe physical distancing.  Others have been redeployed across the City as Disaster Service Workers, filling in where needed. We will continue to proudly serve you. Here is a brief video showing some of the amazing work we've been doing.
Changes to Events/Activities
While our vital services will be maintained, we do need to share the events, services, and activities that have been canceled or postponed.
      All six Open House events
      Earth Day LA
      Suspended until further notice:
      All seven SAFE Centers across the City
      Monthly bulky item drop-off events
      Mobile used oil collection events
      Composting and home gardening workshops at all three locations
      Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center (ELC) at Hyperion visits
      Lopez Canyon Environmental Education Center (EEC) visits
      Japanese Garden events and visits (both scheduled and walk-in)
      Plant tours at all four water reclamation plants
How can you help us?
  • If you’re using an alternative to toilet paper such as wipes, paper towels, napkins, or tissues, please place those used items in a lined trash can.  That liner should be sealed and discarded each night in your black bin. Flushing anything except human waste and toilet paper could clog your pipes or damage the City’s sewer system, each of which could cause a sewage back-up in your home.
  • Please do not place household hazardous waste or electronic waste in any of your bins and do not leave it outside SAFE Center gates. Electronic waste can be scheduled for curbside pickup using the MyA311 app or by calling our 24-hour Customer Care Center. Household hazardous waste should be safely stored until SAFE Centers reopen.
  • Respect the cone zone by driving slowly around our field staff who are working on proactive maintenance and repairs.
  • Continue to call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 when you need us.  They can assist with taking requests, answering questions, and dispatching crews. You also continue to use the MyLA311 app and you can also create a service request on our website at
  • Please ensure that your used disposable gloves make it into the trash.  We're unfortunately finding them littered in streets, gutters, sidewalks, parking lots, yards, and stormdrains across the City. Eventually they'll make their way into our waterways, potentially harming wildlife.
Some helpful tips for you:
  • We suggest that you sanitize daily the items that you use most frequently such as cell phones, credit cards, wallet, glasses, sunglasses, purses, belts, shoes, combs/brushes, hairdryer, cabinet/drawer pulls, bin lids and handles, desk items like pens, scissors, etc.  Most can be cleaned with a small alcohol wipe or a disinfecting wipe, which should be discarded in the trash when you are done sanitizing.
  • Before moving your black, blue, green, and brown bins, you can sanitize the edge of the lid as well as the handle with a paper towel sprayed with disinfectant while wearing gloves and a mask. Discard the paper towel, gloves, and mask when done, then wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Here's a helpful video.
  • If you have facial hair, take a look at this helpful CDC infographic that shows how facial hair affects your use of masks.
  • We’re still accepting requests for free street trees.  Visit our website at for details.
  • If you’re looking for activities for the kids, you can download them from our website here.
  • The Census 2020 deadline has been pushed back to October 31st, but you can help LA’s participation by entering your response now at
  • Mayor Eric Garcetti’s up-to-date coronavirus updates are online at The site includes sign-up for testing.
  • With support from the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles, the Angeleno Card provides financial assistance for in-need households via no-fee prepaid cards provided by Mastercard's City Possible network.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a helpful Household Checklist online.
LASAN Updates
  • Follow us on social media @LACITYSAN:   Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Nextdoor
  • Check our website:
  • 24-hour Customer Care Center: 1-800-773-2489