Representative Ted Lieu Weekly Update

Last week Representative Ted Lieu hosted a Telephone Town Hall to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act and its historic investment in tackling the climate crisis and prescription drug reform. Here is what he had to say:

"I was joined by California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot to talk about how climate change impacts our community and what the impact of the new law will be. To listen to the full Telephone Town Hall, please click here

Earlier this week, I joined MSNBC to discuss the investigation into the former President’s dangerous mishandling of top secret, confidential documents at Mar-A-Lago. Watch my full interview here

I also wanted to give you another update on the work I am doing in Congress to put People Over Politics and deliver for the hardworking families of our congressional district. 

LOWER COSTS: I know that rising costs are squeezing working families. That’s why Democrats are working to bring down costs at the pharmacy counter, the grocery checkout, and the gas pump and put more money in your pockets. I have voted for Honoring our PACT Act to expand health care and benefits for veterans exposed to toxic substances during military service. I have helped pass legislation to negotiate lower drug prices. And I helped enact legislation that cut health insurance premiums and delivered a higher tax credit that gives relief to working families with children.

BETTER PAYING JOBS: In the depths of the pandemic, President Biden and House Democrats voted to reopen the economy with the American Rescue Plan, which has helped create nearly 10 million jobs since January 2021 according to the Joint Economic Committee. With the passage of the Democratic-led Infrastructure Law, Americans are finding work rebuilding our roads, bridges, and transit systems, bringing broadband and clean drinking water to more communities, and tackling the climate crisis. And with the recently-passed CHIPS and Science Act, we are focused on fixing supply chain jams and making more in America, creating better-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.

SAFER COMMUNITIES: Everyone deserves to live in a safe community where they can thrive. That is why I have voted to increase funding for our police, giving them the tools they need to prevent crime while making reforms for better law enforcement training and accountability. And it is why I have supported gun violence prevention legislation to expand background checks, close loopholes that let dangerous people get guns, and keep our children safe. 

I am proud to put People Over Politics for the residents of our great congressional district, and will keep fighting for Lower Costs, Better Paying Jobs, and Safer Communities."