Salt & Straw Releases New Flavors!

Salt & Straw presents a few new bold flavors that are perfect for spring! Stop by now to try their Flower Power series that represents the revitalization of the senses through vivid flowers, bright fruits, and irresistible aromatics that draw us outside no matter the forecast. Flavors include:

Jasmine Milk Tea & Chocolate Almond Stracciatella
In this ice cream, exquisite jasmine tea is steeped in cream and sugar for exactly 12 minutes. Not one minute more or less. San Francisco’s Red Blossom Tea Company sources directly from rural areas of China and Taiwan during the spring tea harvest to make approachable but keenly flavored craft teas. Their Spring Jasmine Maofeng consists of handpicked early harvest green tea leaves from Fujian that get covered in a blanket of fresh jasmine blossoms, making for a tea with both body and deep jasmine aroma. The ice cream is flavored entirely with this tea, then drizzled with almond stracciatella.

Made with Red Blossom Tea
Contains: Milk, Tree Nuts (almonds)

Pistachio Rose Water w/ Strawberry Mochi
Especially springy and boldly floral. Here, we pair rose water with pistachio—a traditional combination of Middle Eastern flavors—as a tribute to the Persians who invented ice cream a few millennia ago and made all of ice cream history possible. We ribbon in rosewater white chocolate fudge alongside our scratch-made butter mochi cake, marbled with strawberry butter. It’s insanely decadent, yet incredibly light and airy—just like those sunny early spring days. 

Contains: Milk, Tree Nuts (pistachio, coconut), Egg, Wheat, Soy

Rhubarb Crumble w/ Toasted Anise 
Along the West Coast, the humble, hardy rhubarb is a welcome sign of spring. We transform the PNW’s abundance of rhubarb into a simple crumble a la mode. To do so, we dark roast anise for the crumble, delivering a floral punch that can stand up to the acidity of rhubarb jam, the sum more satisfyingly complex than its individual parts. 

Contains: Milk, Wheat

Saffron & Honey w/Crystalized Flower Petals 
A floral wallop with a stunning array of color. We infuse cream with Bee Local honey, marigold petals, and saffron—the world’s dearest spice, requiring up to 68,000 hand-harvested flowers for just one pound. Saffron sets your tongue abuzz while marigold and honey bring a floral roundness. Then, we candy cornflowers—the beautiful, dark blue flowers found growing in fields of corn and wheat, before folding into the ice cream for a winter-blues-busting floral display.

Contains: Milk

Mathilde's Hibiscus & Coconut Sherbet (v)
Hailing from the remote high mountains of Haiti, Mathilde spent her childhood learning her family’s traditional recipes over open flame. As an adult, she returned to start her own non-profit in her village to fund projects for a school and a health clinic. Now, after a successful run at food incubator Portland Mercado, Mathilde is on a mission to showcase the richness and beauty of Haiti through a different lens. She’s turned Haiti’s national flower, the hibiscus, into a spicy ginger brew. We simply add coconut cream and churn it into a bright, tropical sherbet.

Made with Mathilde’s Kitchen
Contains: Tree Nuts (coconut)