SPARC: The Great Wall Interpretive Green Bridge

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January 05, 2021

SPARC is proud to announce that we will break ground on The Interpretive Green Bridge at The Great Wall of Los Angeles mural site in 2021.

Enhancements to The Great Wall also include the addition of:

  • Welcome signage located at both ends of the parkway from which viewers currently view the Great Wall will serve as markers of this Historical Monument and provide information on the overall vision and unprecedented feat. 

  • Six interpretive stations that will provide a narrative for understanding imagery of The Great Wall, the historical context, and environmental degradation that the Los Angeles River has endured.  

  • Lighting for the entire half mile of mural that will not only provide illumination to The Great Wall at night but increase overall safety to nighttime park users. 

The Great Wall Bridge which will serve as an instructional and ideal viewing platform. The Great Wall Bridge will replace the Valley College Bridge which became inaccessible to the public and never replaced following the Northridge Earthquake in 1994. 

Learn more here:

Carlos Rogel, Executive Director, (310) 822-9560