Venice Chamber Joins California Coalition for Safe Re-Opening

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July 14, 2020
Message from Venice Chamber President, George Francisco: 

We are have been faced with tumultuous upheavals in our business and social lives for nearly all of this year.  The unease that accompanies the current Covid-19 crisis has been made even more stressful by the instability and uncertainty of how we will move forward.
Because of this great uncertainty and lack of direction in the wake of Governor Newsom’s order to once again temporarily close indoor dining for restaurants, the Venice Chamber joined the California Coalition for Safe Re-Opening.  The coalition came together to formulate proposals for reopening California businesses in a logical and methodical manner that maintains the safety and health of customers, workers, and the public.
Building on previous efforts, the coalition proposed a Three-Point Economic and Public Health Recovery Plan – immediate measures that should be considered prior to any more business shutdowns.
Those measures include:
1.) Require the State to use emergency funds to supplement funding for county health departments and enforcement divisions that oversee adherence to reopening regulations. That would include authorizing counties to grant immediate reopening for all restaurants and bars that demonstrate compliance with that county’s reopening regulations, in accordance with state regulations.
2.) The creation of a California COVID-19 Emergency Business Interruption Fund to provide grants to businesses to cover expenses related to safe reopening in June 2020, as well as all losses including displaced revenue related to the July 1st closure order and future unanticipated closures.
3.) Creation of a Safe Re-Opening Task Force which would work directly with state and local officials in the implementation of Mandatory Testing and creation of Recovery Centers as the dual alternative to shutting down segments of the economy. 
We hope that our participation in this coalition will allow us to better protect and assist you, our members and community, in emerging from the current health crisis.

Donna Lasman, CEO, (310) 822-5425