Venice Family Clinic Receives More Than $3 Million In Federal Grant

The Venice Family Clinic received more than $3 million in federal funding this week that will help provide child development programs and family support services, according to Congressman Ted Lieu.

The local clinic serves patients from the Santa Monica Mountains through the South Bay and has a network of 17 locations, which includes two mobile clinics and an extensive street medicine program. Lieu said he was glad to secure funding for the clinic because it has a reputation for being a leading community health center in the county.

"I’m especially pleased this funding will be awarded to Venice Family Clinic, an amazing health center that already provides exceptional care and services to families across Los Angeles County," Lieu said.

The $3,748,135 grant was funded through the Department of Health and Human Services for the Early Head Start program. According to Lieu, Early Head Start programs are important tools to providing essential healthcare to struggling families with infants and toddlers under the age of three as well as pregnant women.

"Studies have shown that the most important impact you can have on a human being is when they are under five years old," Lieu said. "No children – no matter their family’s socioeconomic status – should be left behind when it comes to their early development."

In addition to the funding for the Head Start program, Lieu secured an additional $500,000 that will go toward furnishing and equipping the Rose Avenue clinic.