Keeping Women Safe From Violence

It was an honor to be joined in the Venice Canals by the entire team from LAPD Operations West Bureau Special Assault Section. These dedicated detectives and officers worked around the clock to investigate the horrific attacks that devastated our community.

Watch the Safety Awareness Discussion with Sgt. Mason.  

Here are some simple things women can do to stay safe when leaving their home:
-Carry protection - a whistle, a walking light, pepper spray, or some other device. A complicated new device won’t do you any good if the first time you use it is during a tense or panicked situation, so test your product out before you need it!
-Use a cell phone app, like Noonlight, to create a Safety Network that will alert police and/or your trusted contacts in an emergency. You should also know how to operate the emergency call feature on your cell phone.
-Keep your protection or electronic device handy - it will only work if it's quickly accessible. But always be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions while you're out and about.
-Travel in pairs, or at least let others know your plans before you go out. A dog also makes for great company on a walk!
-Trust your gut. If something feels uncomfortable or suspicious, don't wait around to find out.
--Take a self-defense class. Every woman should know some basic moves that could save her life.

Let's all look out for each other. Start a neighborhood watch, keep your neighbors informed, and if you see something, SAY SOMETHING!