Graphic Design

About Us

Eledeese is a Venice, CA creative and brand development studio. We specialize in building new brands and leading established brands in new directions. During the last 20 years we were involved in imposing and managing brands and projects in different markets around the world. Our influence helped bring to life and inspired many people projects and brands.

90291 capitalize all our knowledge and professionals we have been working with in the past 20 years and we put them at your disposal to avoid you of making mistakes and save time during the process.

Brands that trusted our Studio,

Paloma Venice Beach - Sismo - New Era Cap - Active - Huntington Surf & Sports - Petersen Automotive Museum - Flashpoint Brewing Co. - SoleTechnology Inc - Emerica Footwear - éS Footwear - Altamont Apparel - Dada Footwear - Baker - Deathwish - Mapa Wear - Sigla Records - Chase Visions - Zurich - Natura Siberica - Intelligent Pain Management - Wild in the Streets - DGK - Los Angeles Design Fair -