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With REACH your organization will be equipped with the tools needed to communicate professionally and proficiently in 2020.
You will get access to 16 videos + 1-on-1 meetings to discuss:

REVIVE: Assess what your Neighborhood Council is currently doing to engage with the community, identify areas that can be improved upon, and create a tailored outreach plan to set out the roadmap to success.

EDUCATE: Gain access to the tools that will help run more successful meetings and create an actionable list of ways to drive engagement online & in-person.

ACTION: Learn ways to create engagement at board meetings and at the committee level. Use the E-N-G-A-G-E method of event creation to take your idea for a Town Hall through the process from inception to activation.

COMMUNICATE: Learn how to think and act like a marketer, using social media and public relations best practices, and start attracting new people, and grow your pool of potential members.
HEALTHY COMMUNITY: Your Organization will begin welcoming new people from the community, the board will be setting goals to increase voter and candidate turnout in elections, and will be hosting engaging events.

Welcome video: http://reach.mykajabi.com/welcome-video